Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Walk thru the Garden . . . in Autumn

A little break from our New England trip; I still have 3 more days to share . . . New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut.

Today . . .  how about a walk through the garden; it's a beautiful, sunny day . . .




 Black-Eyed Susan


and . . . A few Tomatoes

 Thanks for walking through our garden. Hope you're enjoying your autumn.

~ Julie

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  1. Dear Julie: Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! Everything looks so healthy and your tomatoes look quite yummy. I enjoyed the tour as it's dismal and pouring rain here in Southern Ontario. Take care ~ Lisa

  2. Dear Julie, Your garden flowers look positively summery today! I love the asters against the picket fence and am amazed at how many Roses are still bloming for you.

  3. Beautiful photos...your flowers are look spectacular under the autumn sun!


  4. Your pics are just beautiful! I've never been to New England, but would dearly love to visit. It is so pretty up there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Visiting via Pink Saturday! I love the garden flowers! I did the same this week! I hope you have a very Delightsome day!

  6. Would like to have you stop by & share your garden on Cottage Flora Thursday's Link looking for others like me who love to garden!!! xoox


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