Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shades of fall . . .

Today I'm sharing my hubby's walk through the garden with the camera, capturing some beautiful foliage. Fall is his favorite season.

Didn't he get some great shots?
Loving the shades of pink and orange to red.
Thanks for visiting our fall garden.

~ Julie

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  1. Dear Julie, Your husband really has captured the glamour of the season. Such delicious autumn tints and tones.Lovely!!

  2. YES! These photos are beautiful. I love Fall.

  3. Wow Julie your hubby did a great job, these are wonderful and the sun was actually shining!
    In answer to your question about my Fall pic; I don't even remember where that was, we were tootling around several years ago and saw that gravel road, stopped, took a picture and promptly forgot I even had it until I was going through my archives trying to come up with pics to post:)
    Also, I have perused (drooled over) your New England posts' and would love to go on that trip, its been on my bucket list forever especially Nantucket. I always tell my hubby I just know I lived there before:)

  4. Love the fall day pics-I haven't taken any yet!

  5. You took the right path for your walk. All these shots are breataking. A very pretty post.

  6. very nice that sky is as blue as it can get. Our trees are all bare or brown now.

  7. I love fall too! Bouquets of color everywhere!
    Your husband took great photos! The color against the blue, blue sky is beautiful!
    ~happy autumn~


  8. Loved your Pink Fall Saturday post. Everything was so colorful.

  9. Those are such gorgeous pics!
    Our leaves have fallen and it's bare and kind of sad looking now.

  10. Beautiful photos, Julie! Our trees looked like that a couple weeks ago. I just blew the rest of the fallen leaves today. We had such a beautiful autumn here in Michigan! :)

    xoxo laurie


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