Saturday, October 9, 2010

A glimpse of New England . . . Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Today you get to see one of our favorite places on our trip . . . Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.

Welcome to Sandwich
First stop, find a place for lunch . . . the Bee Hive Tavern (recommended by Erin @ I heart New England) . . . It was perfect . . . we had great clam chowder. 

Check out the bird wallpaper . . . it was fabulous!

Next . . . the board walk . . . (thank you, Erin)

We walked right out to the beach . . . Beautiful!
and dipped our feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

The sand was rocky; and we both found a heart shaped rock.

Hoxie House, a saltbox built in 1637, probably the oldest house on Cape Cod,
in original condition and location, with no plumbing or electricity

Dexter's Grist Mill built in 1654 to grind corn and still makes cornmeal today

 More New England architecture . . .

First Church of Christ in Sandwich


Wouldn't you love to go to church here?
Sign dated 1848
Still preaching, with two services every Sunday morning

Next stop . . . Yarmouthport, Massachusetts, another favorite on Cape Cod.
Hope you're enjoying a visit to New England.

~ Julie


  1. I love your photos of New England and I always love to go down for a visit! Your church pics are all beautiful.


  2. Hi Julie,
    New England looks absolutely beautiful!!! I have always wanted to go but so far haven't had the chance. Your photos are spectacular and makes me feel as if I'm there. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment, it meant so much!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Dear Julie, I most certainly am enjoying my virtual tour with you to Cape Cod. The glorious architecture, the wonderful landscape, the delicious food and the Atlantic Ocean......what is there not to like?!!

  4. ~Sigh~ Simply beautifiul. I would love a stroll down that boardwalk!

  5. Hi Julie, I've always wanted to visit New England, now I can through your lovely blog. Thank you for the sweet comment on mine, and for joining. I'm your newest follower. tami from the high street cottage

  6. I love these gorgeous pics!
    I've been to New England twice and I want to go back again, it's just so lovely!

  7. We went to all the same places! We resided in Sandwich during our Cape Cod trip last June, staying at the 1750 Inn at Sandwich Center in town. I also ate at the Beehive Tavern too (as well as Dunbar)! Hehe.
    Sandwich was certainly a wonderful, breathtaking town ♥

  8. spent ever too short week in Sept on the bay - beachside cottage - when we walked onto the deck surrounded by beach roses and blueberries I thought I had certainly died and went to hea en! begged not to ever wake me up if in a dream! tyvm for sharing this with all of us! Nan


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