Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ORGANIZATION INSPIRATION ~ Getting organized and keeping it that way

Last week we helped our daughter and family (Whitney, Reed and Tayvee) move into their new apartment in Boise. 
Since I had just read Martha Stewart Living's article (September, 2010) on her organized kitchen and reorganized our kitchen . . . I just had to tackle the kitchen.

 Martha's kitchen drawers

Do you spend more than 5 minutes looking for something? 
{I hate looking for something ~ it drives me crazy!}

Let me first say, I am not perfect, I am not totally organized, I have stuff out of its place, and this blog is for me too :). 

Here are some organization tips; some from Martha and some from me . . .

1) Decide what the space is used for and what you need when you're using the space. Think of it as work stations, i.e. cooking utensils and potholders by the stove, glasses by the sink, coffee by the coffee maker, office supplies in the desk, sewing supplies next to the sewing machine, etc.
[I had my gift wrapping supplies where I didn't wrap presents and would take everything to another room and then put it all back. I can't even guess how many steps I wasted over the years :).]
Organize the space the way you use it.

 2) Customize storage ~ decide what you want where and add organizing baskets or bins (for the kitchen, I purchased ours from Dollar Tree) and put like things together. There are so many great organization tools out there in today's market. Go shopping for ideas or repurpose what you have, i.e. a muffin tin for small items, jewelry or paperclips, etc. small baskets, jars or drawer dividers; for closets, hat boxes or photo boxes, bins for toys. Don't things look prettier in containers?

3) Give everything its space, or as Martha put it, "a place for everything". If you have a box for paints, keep them there; if paperclips go in a jar, that's where they stay . . . no roaming paperclips laying around the house :).

4) Be disciplined. Take time to put things back after using them. We all have times we leave stuff out, but don't let it go past a day if you're not using it. Don't be tempted to just "put it here for now and put it away later" . . . it probably won't get put back and when you need it, you won't know where to find it.

5) Stand back and look at what you've accomplished.

6) Have fun working more efficiently! Your kids will love it too!

Whitney's Kitchen
Aren't these cute little baskets? 
They are white plastic coated wire baskets from Dollar Tree.

Some of Our Kitchen

If the task of organizing seems overwhelming, simply break it down into small increments ~ tackle one drawer/cupboard a day, and purge what you don't need. You will feel a sense of accomplishment  when you see each drawer organized.

Top 6 Reasons to Stay Organized

(1) When you need it, you'll know where it is.
(2) You won't waste time looking for something you can't find.
(3) If someone wants to borrow something, you can have it in just a few minutes.
(4) It's easy to see your inventory and know when to add something to the shopping list.
(5) Save wasted steps getting your supplies together to complete a task.
(6) More time for doing what you love since you can work more efficiently.

I hope you find this info helpful. I wrote most of this article a few months ago, and Martha's magazine article inspired me to get going on our home organization.

Let me know what you think or what works for you.

~ Julie

Saturday, August 21, 2010

August in the Garden . . .

Just a quick post to share the summer blooms in the garden before it turns into fall. 

The phlox is gorgeous and the fragrance heavenly. Enjoy . . .


Black-Eyed Susan

The roses have never looked better . . . { finally} . . . Just love those David Austin cabbage roses.

Queen Anne's Lace (a local weed that is beautiful!)

Pee Gee Hydrangea ~ Love it ~ So pretty when it's blooming and dried!

This week I have been reorganizing my entire kitchen after seeing the article in Martha Stewart Living of Martha's kitchen. Have you seen her kitchen? ~ So organized ~ I was so inspired . . . I started cleaning and organizing. 

We've been laundering more vintage linens from the attic. Each bag is like opening a new treasure. I will show some in an upcoming post. 

My hubby and I are excited about selling vintage and antique items through flea markets and antique shows. We're having a blast shopping estate sales and unique shops ~ what a great hobby.

And, this week we are helping move our kids and baby granddaughter to Boise, Idaho . . . sadness. A great job opportunity, but we will miss them much.

Hope you have a great weekend. Love your comments and getting to know you.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Tayvee turns one!!!!

Our sweet little baby granddaughter just turned one! Her mommy and daddy planned a lovely party for her at the park. Her auntie, Chelsey, was able to come from Yakima and baked her birthday cake and cupcake.

I made her a first birthday bib (I used to sew and sell bibs when our daughters were little).

She was very dainty with her cupcake and frosting.

She had no idea why so many people were watching her do everything and taking so many pics. 

 We gave her the "Bubble Bug" that Whitney received from her grandparents when she was one.

Happy Birthday, Tayvee!

We are blessed parents and grandparents!
Thank you, God, for our family and sweet baby Tayvee.

~ Julie

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desert Rose Tablescape

A backyard BBQ with roses.

I just love these dishes, Franciscan Desert Rose.  We inherited a huge set, with lots of serving pieces that were purchased in the 50's. They belonged to my husband's aunt and a special friend of our family, so they have special meaning to us. The pattern is so pretty, and you can still buy it today.  I added the glasses a few years ago.

The table and chairs are a vintage wrought iron patio set we found on craigslist for only $50. It has roses around the table and on the chair backs.  Love the roses and rusty charm. Chairs with slipcovers made from Pottery Barn napkins and Waverly fabric complete the rose ensemble (more on the slipcovers here).

Desert Rose water pitcher with roses from the garden.

Such pretty rose salt and pepper shakers.

Love the rosebud handle on the butter dish.

Thanks for joining our BBQ. 
Enjoy hospitality and help your guests feel special. Just use what you have, add a few flowers, some special napkins (there are lots of pretty paper ones available too) 
and use your special dishes if you have them.

~ Julie

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