Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Plucky Maiden's Junk Fest at McMenamins

 Busy setting up

We were busy all day and sold lots!
One of our best shows!
We'll be at the Christmas Junk Fest in Portland 
November 16-17.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Antique Expo

It's been a busy summer . . . . . 
and not much time for blogging . . . . .
busy at work . . . . . and 
busy with vintage flea markets . . . . .

Hope you've had a great summer!

Here's some pics of our space at the
Palmer-Wirf Antique Show in Portland, Oregon.

We had a great time and sold lots!!

 loaded and ready to go . . .
sold most of these vintage umbrellas . . . . 
love them just stuck in a bucket :)
 some practice displays

sold all of our wood spindles

love this repurposed, broken ceramic doll, given a new life 
by attaching her to a decorative wood piece

Thanks for visiting!
Enjoy your last days of summer!

~ Julie

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer in the Garden

Backyard Arbor


White Peony
Sweet William
Pink Peony
White Dogwood

Loving the garden this time of year
and breakfast on the patio on my days off.

We just returned from a trip to Eastern Oregon.
Our truck and trailer were filled with vintage goods
for the antique expo next weekend (July 12-14) in 
Portland, Oregon, 
including some treasures from 
my great aunt's farm in Wallowa. 

Next week, I'll be posting pics of our finds 
and vignettes for our booth.

Hope you're enjoying your summer and your garden!

~ Julie

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