Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shades of fall . . .

Today I'm sharing my hubby's walk through the garden with the camera, capturing some beautiful foliage. Fall is his favorite season.

Didn't he get some great shots?
Loving the shades of pink and orange to red.
Thanks for visiting our fall garden.

~ Julie

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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Vintage Halloween . . .

Happy Halloween!
Sharing a little vintage Halloween decor around the house . . .

This year I gathered up some old frames and put together a vintage vignette on the mantel . . . quick and easy to do with things you already have.

In the center, a very old jack-o-lantern from an estate 
[one of my hubby's favorites]

 Some old, title/color appropriate, books . . .
"John Brown's Body" {first edition printing 1928}, 
"The Opposite of Fate" {orange, but not old}, 
"Helbeck of Bannisdale"1898, and a black, old and torn, 
"Webster's Common School Dictionary"1892, from my husband's family

A vintage black cat from my husband's mother

and a vintage jack-o-lantern pumpkin, also from his mother

An old, large biscuit tin with a pretty fall scene on our TV cabinet

A vintage jack-o-lantern lamp shade . . .
for any children who might come for a visit

And, a light up jack-o-lantern to greet any trick-or-treaters

Wishing you a fun and safe holiday with your family.

~ Julie

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Old Books

I love old papers, letters and books, and
we have been fortunate to inherit some from relatives,
including some WWII letters addressed to my husband's aunt.

This week I've been doing some spring fall cleaning  . . . baseboards, doors, chandeliers, the china hutch, etc. {I know, not very exciting}, and last night involved removing everything from our entryway bookshelf. We have two shelves full of old books, most inherited from my husband's family.
Of course, this is not a fast cleaning project for me, since I love looking through old books, looking for dates, inscriptions or papers inside and bringing some out to my hubby . . . "Have you seen this? Look it's addressed to your dad and his brother from their mother" . . .  . . . "Is this Charles Lindbergh's autograph?"
Today I'm looking through some of the books I set aside and thought I would share them with you.

 Two padded books of poetry "Lilac from Whittier" with my husband's grandmother, 
Clara's, signature inside dated January 24, 1925 and "Carnations from Poe"; 
both with beautiful lithographs and poetry.
The rose book is a paperback titled "Richardson's American Beauty Book" 
with a price of 10 cents, published in 1910. It's not a book about beauty;
"its pages contain everything that a woman should know about embroidery."
Full of pictures and patterns from 1910! Inside the pages was tucked a 
Richardson's embroidery silk color card with over 200 thread samples.

 Some vintage announcements and postcards found inside 
"Lilac from Whittier", which I must assume belonged to Clara. 
One is a birth announcement of a baby girl born August 26, 1916.

 A scrapbook filled with old post cards.

Some hymnal books and an old school song book from 1919,
the small red hard bound book is Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs dated 1869, 
a poetry book by Florence McIntyre "A Book of Verse" dated 1909, and
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Hiawatha.

Three Gideon New Testaments given to the U.S. Armed Forces
with a forward from Franklin D. Roosevelt, January 25, 1941.

Hope you enjoyed some of our collection. The books that were kept through the years and handed down to us  . . .  a few children's books, poetry, Bibles, hymnals and song books; school song books with hymns and poetry books with poems about God; and Bibles endorsed by the President; so different from today.

Do you have a collection of old books? 

Thanks for visiting. Your comments are an encouragement and a blessing.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More of New England . . . New Hampshire

Welcome to Day 3 of our trip to New England.
We left Yarmouthport, Massachusetts, drove past Boston, and headed north to New Hampshire.

Boston skyline as we drove by

A quick stop at Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

 Captured a pic of the gorgeous United Church of Jaffrey

Next stop, Hancock, New Hampshire . . . the perfect quintessential New England town. 
We took a step back in time as we walked through this quaint little town consisting of . . . 

a church

[Many of the buildings in New England 
have signs showing the date they were built. 
This church is dated 1788.]

a town hall

a cemetery

 a meeting place

 a lake

a post office [still in use]

a very cool curved, half circle garage with many stalls

and some pretty homes

As soon as we drove into town, we checked into the Hancock Inn; it was perfect!  We knew we had arrived at the perfect little town and Inn to experience New England. We were greeted with some left over cinnamon scones from breakfast, and they were declicious!

Hancock was a place to do nothing . . . to relax. We checked out the lake and walked out on the dock . . . it was gorgeous and still.  We walked through the cemetery . . . and then past the post office and the church, and back to the only restaurant in town . . . at the Hancock Inn, where we were staying. We were glad they could fit us in for dinner, especially since we didn't eat any lunch. The owners of the Hancock Inn are wonderful. They served a beautiful dinner. We tried a new dessert, a New England favorite, Indian Pudding. They also served a wonderful breakfast the next morning. We would love to have stayed longer.

Welcome to the Hancock Inn

 Dinner dining room
Breakfast dining room

Our room

Thanks for visiting our trip to New England. We loved New Hampshire! Wait til you see Marlow and St. Petersborough; they are also gorgeous. 

Please leave a comment if you're here visiting; I would love to meet you and visit your blog.

~ Julie

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