Monday, October 11, 2010

Cape Cod, Massachusetts . . . Yarmouthport

Welcome to Yarmouthport on Cape Cod.

It was almost evening when we arrived.

We had dinner at the Old Yarmouth Inn. We were lucky to get a table as they had a large wedding reception this night. It was beautiful on the outside and inside and had excellent food. A large part of the restaurant had red toile wallpaper . . . loved it!

We stayed at a very nice Bed and Breakfast . . .  The King's Inne. The innskeepers are from England and have this beautiful home they share with tourists like us.  We enjoyed our time with them, and, of course, they served up a lovely breakfast which we shared in the dining room with another young couple from Florida.

Our room was lovely
{Sorry for the bad lighting . . . 
I had to take these pics at night before we messed up the room :).}

After our wonderful breakfast we took a morning walk down the main street of Yarmouthport. Unfortunately, some of the little shops I would like to have visited were closed. This time of year, in such a small town, the shop owners have flexible hours. We enjoyed the sun, the calmness, the architecture and beautiful hydrangeas.

 Lots of pretty hydrangeas in Cape Cod; the PeeGees were gigantic!

We came across this amazing old book store. 
These books are just kept outside, even when they're closed. 
I picked out some old books and hoped they would be open before we left town.

 Yeah, they were open! 
{But, I had already decided if they were not open, 
I would buy the books and put the money under the door ~ 
I'm sure you can do that here ~ life is different . . . 
more laid back ~ a step back in time, 
but with all of the modern conveniences.}

 So many books  . . . stacks and stacks of old books.
I immediately thought of my son-in-law, Reed; he would have loved it.
I took more pics for him.

Massachusetts in review:
Sandwich ~ small and beautiful. Great places: the Boardwalk and beach, Bee Hive Tavern, Dunbar Tea Room (didn't have tea; but was recommended) Hoxie House
Yarmouthport ~ small and beautiful. Parnussus Book Store, historical homes
Old Yarmouth Inn restaurant ~ excellent
The King's Inne ~ excellent; beautiful, friendly and helpful

Thanks for visiting. Hope you have a great week!

~ Julie


  1. Beautiful photos and LOVE the bookstore. I could spend a day there...


  2. Oh, these photos make me want to revisit the east coast so badly!!!! How fabulously beautiful!!! I just adore those big old homes with the cedar shakes, white trim, picket fences......sigh! I'm so glad that you're having such a wonderful time, and it looks like the weather is great, too! :)

    xoxo laurie

  3. wow ,, what a beautiful place.. I love to visit those kind of homes.. and when i can go .. i like to live through other peoples eyes vial their blog... thanks for sharing and taking us along, it is a beautiful place...
    See ya again real soon

  4. Beautiful!!! I love your pictures, and they make me want to jump in the car and head to New England! The interior shots of the inn were as lovely as the exterior shots.

  5. What an amazing bookstore! My husband and I always gravitate to bookstores when we're traveling in quaint towns like this, but we've never come upon one quite like "yours." Looks like a great trip -- and nice place to stay!

  6. I loved Yarmouthport when I visited last June... and we ate at the Old Yarmouth Inn as well! Wasn't it lovely? :) And your B&B looks gorgeous!
    Can't go wrong with Cape Cod! ♥

  7. Charming - thank you for the little tour!

  8. lovely photographs of the Cape- you have captures it's essence perfectly!
    thanks for coming by my blog...



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