Saturday, October 23, 2010

More of New England . . . New Hampshire

Welcome to Day 3 of our trip to New England.
We left Yarmouthport, Massachusetts, drove past Boston, and headed north to New Hampshire.

Boston skyline as we drove by

A quick stop at Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

 Captured a pic of the gorgeous United Church of Jaffrey

Next stop, Hancock, New Hampshire . . . the perfect quintessential New England town. 
We took a step back in time as we walked through this quaint little town consisting of . . . 

a church

[Many of the buildings in New England 
have signs showing the date they were built. 
This church is dated 1788.]

a town hall

a cemetery

 a meeting place

 a lake

a post office [still in use]

a very cool curved, half circle garage with many stalls

and some pretty homes

As soon as we drove into town, we checked into the Hancock Inn; it was perfect!  We knew we had arrived at the perfect little town and Inn to experience New England. We were greeted with some left over cinnamon scones from breakfast, and they were declicious!

Hancock was a place to do nothing . . . to relax. We checked out the lake and walked out on the dock . . . it was gorgeous and still.  We walked through the cemetery . . . and then past the post office and the church, and back to the only restaurant in town . . . at the Hancock Inn, where we were staying. We were glad they could fit us in for dinner, especially since we didn't eat any lunch. The owners of the Hancock Inn are wonderful. They served a beautiful dinner. We tried a new dessert, a New England favorite, Indian Pudding. They also served a wonderful breakfast the next morning. We would love to have stayed longer.

Welcome to the Hancock Inn

 Dinner dining room
Breakfast dining room

Our room

Thanks for visiting our trip to New England. We loved New Hampshire! Wait til you see Marlow and St. Petersborough; they are also gorgeous. 

Please leave a comment if you're here visiting; I would love to meet you and visit your blog.

~ Julie


  1. Dear Julie, The Hancock Inn sounds and looks to have been absolutely perfect for exploring the area. It looks to be exactly the kind of small hotel that I try to look out for. Good food, comfortable accommodation and pleasant service. What more can one ask for?

  2. Such pretty buildings and scenery. Thanks for stopping by, T

  3. What an awesome B and B!
    Your trip looks like it was wonderful! I love the scenic pics, so lovely!

  4. Your trip pictures are so lovely! Love the post office!
    Thanks for the comments too about my armoire difficulty...I will get to work and fix it to my liking! And yes, My hubby is a great builder, perfectionist actually...which means S-L-O-W!!!!! But that's okay..... I can't finish the shed yet due to the cold weather!



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