Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lavender . . . and how to make a wreath

Enjoying the last 
cuttings of lavender . . .

 Love the smell of
fresh cut lavender.

I have been wanting to make a lavender wreath,
and why not do a tutorial? 
Once you know how to make a wreath,
you can make a wreath for any season,
with flowers, evergreens, etc.

What you need:
~ flowers, evergreen branches, etc.
~ green 24 gauge wire
~ a metal wreath frame (I used the flat style for this one)

How to make a wreath:
1) Secure the wire to the wreath frame

2) Add a small clump of lavender {or whatever you're using to make your wreath} Keep stems less than 6" long

3) Lay it on the frame and wrap the wire twice around the stems close to the flowering part and pull tight

4) Add your next clump on top of the first clump, covering the stems and wrap around twice with wire and pull tight.

5) Continue this process around the wreath until you reach the beginning.

6) To finish the wreath, tuck your last stems under the flowers of the first clump and wrap stems twice with the wire and pull tight
7) Secure the wire to the back of the wreath frame, cut your wire, and tuck the end inside



~ Julie 


You can check out the link here if you want to see it:

Remodelaholic is an informative blog with lots of 
different features and ideas, from decorating to recipes.


  1. You made that look so easy! Mine are never easy and don't end up even all around! Guess I need more practice!
    Your wreath is very pretty! I can't believe you still have lavender blooming ~ mine has been done for weeks! There is nothing like the fragrance of Lavender!
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I love lavender. Your wreath looks so nice, and I appreciate your sharing with us how to make one. Nice tutorial! I can smell the lavender from here...*I wish*......

  3. Julie ~ I just love,love, love lavender. The wreath is so pretty and the scent must be heavenly ~ I am making lavender oil right now

  4. I can only imagine how great that wreath must smell with all that lavender!

  5. It looks so lovely and will scent the area you'll hang it in for such a long time. My one lavender bush finished blooming weeks ago, so I harvested it for lavender sachets.

  6. That wreath is gorgeous!! My lavender plants aren't big enough yet and don't have that much lavender, may be next year.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    XXX Ido

  7. The wreath is gorgeous and I bet it smells great!

  8. I love lavender too; thanks for the tutorial. You made it seem easy.

    I recently went to a lavender farm and didn't want to leave!

  9. So lovely! Wish I could inhale the fragrance! Enjoy! I planted lavender this year. I hope it survives our NW Iowa winters! I would love to make a wreath like yours next year!

  10. Wow! I can almost smell your gorgeous lavender from here! What a beautiful wreath, and great tutorial. I wish my lavender still looked that good!!


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