Thursday, September 8, 2011

Check out this old book . . .

This dictionary is probably
the biggest book I have ever seen.

We found it at an antique store
on the way back from the beach.

 5" thick

 copyright 1958

 beautiful vintage color illustrations

 and black and white

 I remember this :)

 and maps

I love old books, 
especially dictionaries.
Since the cover is already torn,
I don't mind ripping out the pages. 
So, if you need any images for 
your collage or art projects,
just send me an email.
I will be listing these dictionary pages 
in my etsy paperie shop.

Have you found any good 
old books lately?
Would love to see them.

Have a great weekend!
~ Julie

Sharing today with one of my favorite parties:


  1. Wow! Too cool, Julie!! And it was printed in the same year I was born!! Does that mean I'm vintage???? ;o)

    Hugs gal!

  2. Awesome, lots of project material there!

  3. Very, very cool! I especially love old maps and photos! It's going to make some fabulous projects out of those old pages!


  4. I haven't found any "new" old ones lately. I love that in a big old crazy way.

  5. You know - We had a dictionary about that size growing up. Still at my mom's house, too! It came in the mail, one section at a time, and you added it to the screws. I think it may have been connected to the World Book Encyclopedia that my parents bought for us kids in 1967 - but I can't be sure. Might have been another book of the month club publication that was popular in those years.

    I love to collect old books and have a couple of great treasures. Need to post on them sometime . . .


  6. I love this post. The dictionary is a fantastic find. You are so lucky! i have not found any old books lately, but I have not been to any rare book stores lately, either. I have been too busy with back to school stuff.

  7. Wow that is one big book! What a great find.



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