Friday, May 13, 2011

Maui, Hawaii ~ a few of our favorite things

As promised, here's a little more
info on Maui, Hawaii.

Penne Pasta in Kaanapali ~ quaint, casual Italian faire
Bubba Gumps, Lahaina ~ all types of seafood available served up with some fun
Aloha Mixed Plate, Lahaina ~ authentic Hawaiian food; great for lunch
Leilani's, Lahaina, Fisherman's Wharf mall ~ seafood and steak on the beach
Hula Grill, Lahaina Fisherman's Wharf mall ~ seafood and steak on the beach; tables on sand
Ma-La Tavern (a restaurant) Lahaina ~ best food, coffee and ocean view in Maui
Ocean view from Ma-La Tavern

a Luau ~ you gotta go to one ~ most are the same ~ Old Lahaina Luau or check at hotels
Biggest Banyan tree in Lahaina ~ 137 years old (amazing)
The Banyan tree (Ficus sp.) is an example of a strangler fig that begins life as an epiphyte in the crown of another tree. Its roots grow down and around the stem of the host, their growth accelerating once the ground has been reached. Over time, the roots coalesce to form a pseudotrunk, eventually strangling and killing the host. ~ from Wikipedia

These pseudotrunks are amazing and support this tree that is almost the size of a Lahaina city block. I am glad they have not killed this host tree (I'm not sure how that works.)

Kaanapali Beach
Lahaina Harbor

Fisherman's Wharf ~ large commercial outdoor mall
Lahaina ~ quaint shops and galleries

Kaanapali or Lahaina
lots of hotels to choose from

If you have a chance to go to Hawaii, Maui has a lot to offer.
It has lots of sea activities, which we did not do this year.
We have enjoyed the Maui Princess Sunset Dinner Cruise 
in the past ~ not too rowdy; 
a nice dinner served on the top deck with the sunset.

Our favorite thing . . . lying in the sun, beach combing 
and walking on the beach.

Enjoy your summer travels!

~ Julie


  1. yes! great places, we also like Kimos on Front Street, must visit the Maui Ocean Center especially with the little kids and the Tedechi Vinyards up country too!!!

  2. and stilwell's bakery and guri guri in the shopping center!

  3. Thanks, Rhiannon! If anyone else has favorites in Maui, just add them in your comments.
    ~ Julie

  4. Looks delightful! I've never been, and have to go to France and Italy first!! :o)
    Have a joyful weekend, sweetie!

  5. That tree is amazing!!!! I love these shots Julie and I do know someone heading over I will pass these faves along, thanks!

  6. WOw...oh wow!!! It's on my bucket list!!

  7. Oh, wow, Julie - it looks like you guys really had a great time! What beautiful photos! Will you be returning there again? :)

    xoxo laurie


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