Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Make Pom Pom Tissue Flowers

This week is Baby Week on my blog.
I'm doing several different tutorials on shower decorations
that can be used for baby or bridal showers.

Today it's 


These are different than the ones made popular in the 70's.

What you will need:
8-12 sheets of tissue paper (thin tissue works better 
than heavy-weight)
string, curling ribbon or pipe cleaner

For this tutorial I used 6 pieces of white tissue paper
cut to 10" x 20" to make a 10" pom pom flower.
You will need 8-10 pieces to make a fuller flower and
probably 12 sheets to make a 20" tissue flower.
Whatever width you choose will be the size of your flower.

Fold your pieces into a fan with about 1" pleats.

Fold in half to find center and then tie with string, 
curling ribbon or pipe cleaner.
Determine the length of string or ribbon 
if you want to hang the flower.
You can tie string to the pipe cleaner after finishing the flower 
if using a pipe cleaner.

Cut each end of the fan ~ 
a point to make a pointed tip flower or 
curved for round petals.

Now for the hard part . . . . .
Start separating each piece of tissue paper,
being careful not to tear the tissue.
Continue separating the fan and pulling each piece 
and fluffing as you go.
Repeat on other side.

Now you can make your own!
You can leave one side flat for lying on surfaces 
or make round like a ball.
These look beautiful displayed on tables 
or hung for decorating.

Have fun decorating for your next event.

Next tutorial: flat paper flowers.

~ Julie


  1. These are wonderful! Thanks so much for showing us how.

  2. I love your big pom pon flowers. My daughter, who is not normally crafty at all, discovered these watching Martha Stewart and made a bunch of them for a recent parent's weekend. It was so festive.

  3. I've always loved these big pom pom flowers. I have all the stuff to make some, but just haven't gotten around to it yet :)


  4. Brings back memories of us making them as kids! Thanks for the reminder of how to, it's been a LONG time! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. This is so easy I think I can make these! Thanks for the tutorial!!! Yours are beautiful!!!

  6. These are sooo cute, gal! Thanks for the tutorial! I might have to make some for Sam's baby shower! I am hosting it after the baby comes...which should happen any day now!!

    Hugs to you sweetie!
    Have a joyful Sunday!


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