Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still Winter Whites . . .

Today we woke up to snow!!!! 
I know many of you are tired of your snow, but we rarely get snow;
and some winters we don't get any. So today was a happy day!
the power was out, 
so Kevin built a fire, and we had hot chocolate 
cooked on the wood stove and sat enjoyed the quietness
(no tv, no internet, no heater or refrigerator running . . .  just quiet) 
by the fire.
The snow makes everything so quiet and beautiful,
and the brightness shines through the windows and fills every room with light. 
I needed the brightness today; a change from the darkness of gray clouds and rain. 
Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of fresh fallen snow.
So . . . the first task of the day . . . 
walk through the snow and take pics so I can share them here, with you, 
and now I have a post for White Wednesday.

We only had an inch, and it's already melting.

I'm still dreaming of spring . . . 

Hoping you have a wonderful day!

~ Julie


  1. Your snow is beautiful! I'm looking forward to springtime because there is nothing whatsoever pretty about a Georgia winter. Yours, on the other hand, is lovely.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Your snowy garden looks beautiful!
    I had given up on snow for the year... so, the forecast calls for it to begin again tonight:-) Haha...
    Stay warm and enjoy!

  3. The snow does look lovely and your pictures are beautiful ~ I am happy that our snow is melting and we had 50 degrees today ;-)

  4. It is quiet and pretty. But come on sunny and warm.

  5. What beautiful WHITE pics...thanks for sharing!


  6. Snow can be so beautiful can't it Julie? I think the Lord had it right though when he limited the time winter has to do her thing! I know I for one am so looking forward to Spring and a few flowers to brighten up the landscape!
    Have a wonderful day...
    Tina xo

  7. Your photos are beautiful and it sounds like you found a cozy way to enjoy the white stuff.


  8. We don't get a lot of snow, either, so when we do, I'm as happy as can be. It's so beautiful and peaceful...really serene. And I like that it doesn't hang around for long, making things difficult.
    Love your photos. :)

  9. Hi Julie!!

    Thanks for visiting me!
    I love these snow pretty!!
    Pamela :)

  10. Glad you like your snow, glad to send you ours ANYtime!! Actually today we are having a short lived bit of spring and it feels SO good!! You pics are beautiful and fire looks cozy...have fun!!

  11. Your pics are so pretty and cozy! We have another snow storm coming Sunday...

  12. Sounds like a fun day, I kinda like being snowed in and having an excuse to stay home and nest! Thanks for the advice on chandeliers, our local craigslist is not that great but I should be more diligent about searching ebay. I'll be sure to post when I finally find it!


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