Saturday, August 21, 2010

August in the Garden . . .

Just a quick post to share the summer blooms in the garden before it turns into fall. 

The phlox is gorgeous and the fragrance heavenly. Enjoy . . .


Black-Eyed Susan

The roses have never looked better . . . { finally} . . . Just love those David Austin cabbage roses.

Queen Anne's Lace (a local weed that is beautiful!)

Pee Gee Hydrangea ~ Love it ~ So pretty when it's blooming and dried!

This week I have been reorganizing my entire kitchen after seeing the article in Martha Stewart Living of Martha's kitchen. Have you seen her kitchen? ~ So organized ~ I was so inspired . . . I started cleaning and organizing. 

We've been laundering more vintage linens from the attic. Each bag is like opening a new treasure. I will show some in an upcoming post. 

My hubby and I are excited about selling vintage and antique items through flea markets and antique shows. We're having a blast shopping estate sales and unique shops ~ what a great hobby.

And, this week we are helping move our kids and baby granddaughter to Boise, Idaho . . . sadness. A great job opportunity, but we will miss them much.

Hope you have a great weekend. Love your comments and getting to know you.


  1. Dear Julie, What a divine sequence of blooms, particularly the white ones which have special appeal for me. How exciting too to be collecting and selling old linen and lace. Such fun and I do wish you well.

  2. Hi Julie,
    You have the most stunning garden! What a treat to see all of these pics, the hydrangea and the phlox have me drooling they are so lovely!
    My son and his wife live in Phoenix, so I know how you feel. Happy for them yet sad too!

  3. WOW, you have an amazing garden! I'm breathless!

  4. Your blooma re absolutely lovely! So pretty.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. AHhhhh! What happy goings on here! So glad to see the pics, thank you for sharing!

  6. wow.. what beautiful flowers...just gorgeous !!!!

  7. Your gardens look so abundant and pretty. Thanks for sharing ~Lisa@SuburbanRetreat~

  8. Your flowers are so lovely! Mine have all 'melted' in the hot GA sun!! Thanks for the photos!!

  9. Your garden looks beautiful... roses are my favorite, but EVERYTHING looks beautiful!!
    It's always sad to see family move away. Hopefully it's not too far, and you can still visit.
    Have a great day,
    ~ Jo :)

  10. Good morning!
    What absolutely beautiful flowers you have!
    I haven't had luck with roses... still trying to get it right! I have two bushes left and they really need prayers!

    All of your flowers are just gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing!

    I haven't gone through my latest Martha Stewart mag... I hope the article about her kitchen is in that issue!

    I am looking forward to seeing your vintage linens... love them!
    happy Sunday to you ~ Maria

  11. Oh, I LOVE THIS!! Your August garden is simply beautiful, and if I were there in real life, I would want to bring a table out into the middle of it and plan a tea or something.

    The phlox is my favorite, but ever since I was a little girl, I have thought that Queen Ann's lace was beautiful and delicate.

    Lovely. Just lovely.

  12. oodmorning Julie,
    I have been thinking that my garden needed more Phlox, they are truly lovely.
    Most of what you have blooming now had bloomed late spring here! Just love seeing
    Your roses! Breathtaking! I am glad you and your husband enjoy collecting and potentially selling antiques – I loved the time spent with my husband going to
    Estate sales etc. When we lived nearer a big city.
    I hope you have a terrific day!

  13. Hey good to hear from you today!

    I have finally got your pretties boxed up and read to ship to you! Gag...I'm always behind! :(

    Hope you love everything! I am so glad some of my girls are following you along! Good! They need to. Your bloggie is wonderful.


  14. Hi Julie, My name is Sue, so nice to meet you, your flowers are so beautiful, I especially loved the hydrangea and roses. I can certainly relate to having family move far away, I will be thinking of you thank you for sharing.

  15. Your cottage garden looks lovely - beautiful blooms! I love white in the garden too.... so fresh looking!

  16. Omigosh...what a beautiful garden and green thumb you have. I'm envious since I can't grow much except in containers on my porch. Your photography of those beauties is also incredible. You should think about framing some of those.

  17. Hi Julie,
    Wow your garden looks so beautiful! What's funny is we have some very similar stuff!! Except my white phlox is way done right now & in need of cutting back. Your's still look so lovely. My black eyed susans are still going strong...and doing their best to take over the whole place!! I'm getting another awesome set of blooms on my David Austin's. Love them.

    Great pics ~ thanks for sharing!


  18. Gosh, I just LOVE those roses! Your flowers are so beautiful!!!!!
    Here we've had really hot and dry August weather for weeks so many of my flowers seemed to have quit for the year! My phlox are just about done too.

  19. Hi Julie! Your flowers are just so healthy looking! The DA roses are breathtaking, too! Thanks for this bit of summer before it bids farewell. Hope you're having a wonderful day, friend!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  20. Julie your garden blooms are so beautiful. We have so many of the same things blooming right now and my next post will be of the garden phlox that I love so much. SOme of my hydrangeas have just started to bloom and here it is turning off so chilly here in my part of Idaho. Rats!!!
    Thank you so much for visiting the studio. It has been a wonderful place to create and dream.
    Your daughter and her husband will probably enjoy Boise so much. I was born and raised there and have a daughter living there myself. I live about two and a half hours from Boise in a teeny, teeny town, that I laove and have lived in now for almost 40 years. Yikes, has it been that long???
    You have such a lovely blog.


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