Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vintage Flea Markets . . .

Saturday we hit a couple big flea markets in our area.

A Vintage Gathering at Beyond the Garden Gate ~ I didn't take any pics here but found a few things to purchase. The prices were very reasonable. I purchased a vintage push cart on wheels and a small black table. I'm planning to make a white fabric liner for the cart with bows. I have seen some, and they are so pretty. I will show the finished product on a future post.

And the Barn House ~ It was crazy busy, some people came on a tour bus from Seattle (3 hours away), people parking 1/2 mile away and walking. Didn't buy anything; no bargains here. Everything was expensive. It was hard to take pics because there were so many people, but here are a few. All the vendors had beautiful displays, and we enjoyed looking at their treasures.

Check out the white fringed umbrellas. They are gorgeous.

Lots of white linens and pillows . . .
and white furniture
Shabby Chic is in!

 White signs and white flowers . . .

Saw this beautiful white bouquet in a silver ice bucket and had to duplicate it when I got home. It is all white and gorgeous ~ white yarrow and Queen Anne's lace. The yarrow is actually pink and fades to white.

My yarrow isn't completely all white yet, but I love it! It looks very elegant.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed our vintage white flea markets.
~ Julie


  1. Hi

    What a shame everything was so expensive after the long journey, but I expect it was a great place to walk round and see all the gorgeous items for sale!! Jackie in UK.

  2. I do love those fringed umbrellas. Now I just need to find an old frame to make one-thanks for the idea!

  3. What treasures I spotted, but I could not have handled the high prices either. I am spoiled by yardsales and thrift stores.

  4. hi
    what a nice flea-market with so pretty items.
    the white flowers looks really very elegant in that silver-pokal.....i love it.
    have a nice day,

  5. Julie: The flea-market appears full of treats! We have NOTHING like that up here in my part of Ontario, Canada. I am always amazed at the pictures of the flea-markets down in the USA.

    Your flowers look beautiful displayed in silver. Quite regal. Enjoy your day!

    Lisa@Suburban Retreat

  6. Hi Julie,

    Looks like a fun outing and lots of treasure to be had!


  7. Hi Julie,
    I would have loved to go to the Barn House sale... LOVE their stuff. Thanks for sharing pics of it with us!
    Your bouquet of yarrow is beautiful!
    Happy WW!
    ~ Jo :)

  8. So many pretty things! Your arrangement is beautiful! I LOVE queen anne's lace too!

  9. What a gorgeous market! I love the love seat and chair set for the outside! The ruffled umbrella is beautiful! I would have been crying if it was too expensive.......

    Your flowers look so pretty!


  10. Such a stunning market! I'm afraid they're not quite so grand where I live. I love how you took the flowers-in-the-ice-bucket idea home. If you don't mind I will do the same..you did a great job with yours!


  11. love the queen anne's lace!
    i know how much you love it : )
    the bouquet looks beautiful
    and i think i would have loved going
    to the barnhouse sale!
    such lovely photos!

  12. Exquisite whites! Enjoyed them all! Happy WW...until next time.

  13. i have yet to find a thrift shop or market that is cheap but that is just in my area! looks like some really nice things though.

    Dancing Matilda

  14. I loved looking at this post. I am going to follow you now~you have an eye for the things that I love.

  15. well I tried but couldn't follow..I'll come back later and maybe your connection for followers will be up.

  16. Looks so wonderful ~ I would love to have been able to go!

  17. Wow! It would not be safe to let me loose there-so many tresures!

    Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog yesterday. My daughter got married 5 years ago and my son 3 years ago- both in our garden.

    I am a follower now too.

    Take care,

  18. Lovely... I'm your newest follower.

  19. Hi! Just found you and enjoy your blog...very nice. ~Lisa

  20. Thanks Julie,

    Yes, my daughter has made up these characters! She has won some contests with her art! She is so focused on it,and would love to enter any contest she could! Her characters are derived from Sonic, but changed and made her own!

    Thanks for your comment!


  21. Thanks for your kind comments and introducing me to your blog....you have a new follower. I love getting to know blogger from all over the world but I enjoy getting to know my PNW neighbors, too. We were at Barn House, also, I have some photos on my blog at http://dandelionanddaisy2.blogspot.com. It was fun and a great place to get inspired. People seemed to be buying, that's good for the vendors. Have a great day!

  22. Hi Julie,
    I didn't make it up there this time....:( kinda wished I would've rearranged my schedule!! Looks like so much fun & eye candy everywhere!

    I need to go pick some Queen Anne's Lace...it's growing everywhere right now! Looks so pretty in the trophy/urn thing!


  23. Dear Julie, I came across your weblog via Cassandra's site and I am so pleased to have found you. What an eclectic mix of topics you cover,all of interest and beautifully presented.

    I enjoyed visiting the fleamarket which you showed here. It looks much more sophisticated than anything to be found in the UK. I spotted many things of interest, but it is unfortunate that such a lot was expensive.

    I hope to be able to sign up as a 'Follower' in order not to miss out on future postings.

  24. Julie,
    Thanks for taking me along with you to this outdoor show...love those beautiful white umbrella's! Your flowers look so pretty in your silver ice bucket.



  25. Julie - I think that's the most beautiful flea market I've ever seen pics of! I would'ave hWhad to bring a U-Haul to take all my treasures home. lol! What a fun time you must'ave had!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  26. what a fantastic market place!! wish I was shopping there!

  27. Julie, your champagne bucket with the yarrow is oh so elegant! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to do something similar in my champagne bucket. The white umbrellas are stunning. Looks like a fun market!
    I'm late arriving and posting for Silver Sunday this month, but hope you will stop by for a visit. I'm sharing some recent sliver finds. ~ Sarah

  28. Beautiful post! I wish I could go to that flea market! Love your champagne bucket & the yarrow!


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