Monday, August 16, 2010


Tayvee turns one!!!!

Our sweet little baby granddaughter just turned one! Her mommy and daddy planned a lovely party for her at the park. Her auntie, Chelsey, was able to come from Yakima and baked her birthday cake and cupcake.

I made her a first birthday bib (I used to sew and sell bibs when our daughters were little).

She was very dainty with her cupcake and frosting.

She had no idea why so many people were watching her do everything and taking so many pics. 

 We gave her the "Bubble Bug" that Whitney received from her grandparents when she was one.

Happy Birthday, Tayvee!

We are blessed parents and grandparents!
Thank you, God, for our family and sweet baby Tayvee.

~ Julie


  1. Dear Julie, What a very pretty granddaughter you have. She is obviously loved by everyone and that is such a precious gift for her to have. This all looked to be a very happy family gathering and Tayvee looked very smart in her bib.

  2. What a beautifully precious granddaughter you have. Happy first birthday Tayvee!


  3. Loving the bib! What a special milestone! Such a beautiful baby!!!


  4. She is beautiful. First bithdays are so special! Love the bib that you made. So sweet. Thanks for the sweet comments that you left for me on my last post. If you still wanna be a follower, my list is at the very bottom of my blog. Thanks!

  5. Happy Birthday Tayvee! I love the bib, excellent!

  6. What a sweet post and beautiful family. Happy Birthday, Tayvee! She is absolutely adorable. I love how small the pieces of cake are that she's putting in her mouth. And the bib is so cute!

    Lovely post.
    Hope you have a beautiful week,

  7. How cute.. I love the picture when her foot up on the high chair tray.. my grandbaby used to do the same thing, until she got too big to fit it up there any
    Thanks for sharing..

  8. What an adorable little lady -- What a wonderful celebration too. Loved the foot up on her tray -- just relaxing! Thanks for your sweet visit to our twins 2nd birthday -- gosh the past year just flew past!

  9. Is she precious, or what?! Looks like a wonderful celebration.
    Great looking family!!

  10. That bib is precious, and that granddaughter is even MORE precious. What a beautiful little girl she is!

    I came back from out of town to discover that you had visited my blog. I'm so glad that you did so that I could discover yours in return. I love saltboxes! If I could build one now at my age, that's what I would build. Down here in Georgia, you hardly ever see them.

    And I love your desert rose tablescape too!

  11. She is just too cute! What a great bib too!

  12. What a sweetie!!
    So fun.

    Thanks for coming by my place, and signing up to follow.
    I'm going to see more of your blog now.


    barbara jean

  13. She is just adorable and so is the bib you made!
    I've got baby on the brain right now.
    And the parents look so proud!

  14. Hi again Julie,

    I think your plan for a flea market on your own property sounds great! Sure beats moving it from show to show. It would be a start anyway, and more accommodate a young family. They always come first.

    regarding in put as to what to sell: I buy what I like. I am there and look at it all the time, so I want to look at things I enjoy, not what other people might like. I do have quite a variety of things/areas in the store, so that is nice. People usually find some area they like
    and a treasure or gift to take home.
    And the store takes a LOT of time. Again, can infringe on family time if not careful.
    My children are all grown, but I have grandchildren, and aging parents I keep high on my list of priorities. And I am only open 3 days a week, which helps.
    I think just having the one big sale once in awhile, maybe seasonal? would be great. (that is if you have a barn to store all your treasures in.) =)
    The other thing I do is keep my prices affordable. I would rather people enjoy getting something, than have it set on the shelf for long periods. Then I get to bring new things in to the store to look at.
    It is also my place of ministry. It is the gift the Lord has given me for this season.
    Well, I wrote a book, but always glad to answer questions or help if i can. It is all a learning process, like anything.


    barbara jean

  15. a grand-daughter! how exciting! I'm hoping my sixth baby (inside the womb now :) will be a girl, but I'm sure it'll be a boy (I'm always wrong!!) you would think I know how to know eh?

    what a beautiful family you have - and in the park - just my style....she's a cutie!!

    Anne Marie
    p.s. I hope you enjoy your stay (while following) the farm!!


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