Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Treasure Hunting . . . . at the beach

We just returned from a wonderful 6 days in Maui, Hawaii;
 just enjoyed time together, relaxing in the sun, walking on the beach, 
and trying not to sunburn our pale northwest skin.

I am a big beachcomber.
I'm the one you see on the beach searching for seashells.
I have a small collection of several tiny, dime-sized
sand dollars found on the Oregon coast,
but I've never found anything on the beaches of Hawaii.

While eating breakfast at a restaurant on the beach,
we noticed another lady beachcomber
picking up little treasures and putting them in a bag.
Curious to know what she was finding, we talked to her after breakfast.
Her treasure . . . . . "beach glass".
This was a new term to me.

What is beach glass? 
Old broken bottles that have been tossed into the sea and
washed upon the seashore after years of tossing to and fro
and being sand-worn into smooth little pieces of glass,
in pretty shades of blue, green, amber, brown and clear.
Also called sea glass.

Now I was in search of this new found treasure,
on the beaches of Hawaii . . . how fun!
After two trips of "beach glass treasure hunting", 
the Captain and I have a bag full of beautiful 
sand-worn, pieces of glass.

What can you do with it?
Put it in a pretty bowl for decorating, a vase, or make jewelry pieces.
Personally, I'm going to put some in this gorgeous, whole
shell the Captain found on the shores of Kaanapali.

 I love it! ~ it will be a treasure to keep!

Of course, I still had to look for seashells, and we
found so many, little miniature shells that are so detailed and beautiful.
Most are smaller than a dime.

I'm bringing home some of our treasures to share with you.
If you would like any sea glass or miniature shells, or a few pieces of
coral, just let me know. I will be listing them in my etsy shop.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse of treasure hunting on the 
beaches of Maui.

I will be doing another post on some things to do and
favorite restaurants on Maui later this week.

We also attended a wonderful Easter service on the beach.
Kaanapali Beach Ministry does a church service at the Hyatt every Sunday.
Ke Akua Mana E 
[How Great Thou Art]

Have a wonderful week!

~ Julie

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  1. How lovely! So glad you had a wonderful trip--I would love to visit Hawaii some day, so I look forward to your suggestions.

  2. Sounds just wonderful!
    Going to Hawaii is on my bucket list!

    I love beach glass and have a bracelet made from it. It's my favorite! I wish I had a place to go gather it!

  3. I love your treasures; I too love to comb the beaches for shells, glass, and the elusive sand dollar!!

  4. I'm saving to get back to Hawaii...thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, makes me want to go back even more now! Lisa ;-)

  5. My daughter, grandson, sister and I went to Maui this last January. It was wonderful! Beautiful paradise. I love your treasures, makes me want to go back again! You can see about my trip there too on my blog.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Just love this Beach Glass! I will definitely have to do some beach combing over here and see if any of it has washed up on our shoreline. The colours are beautiful. ;)Sharyne

  7. That's a new treasure idea to me, too. It's beautiful. I can think of a hundred things to do with it. Well, maybe not a hundred, but more than one or two!

  8. Your treasures are perfectly beautiful and displayed woderfully...we are going to San Diego this weekend for a visit with our sons...we'll have to make a stop at the beach and see if we can find a treasure or two...thanks for sharing!!

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful time Julie. The sea glass is beautiful, and what a great thing to bring home to remember your trip.
    My daughter and her family just got back from Maui. They went for Spring break. One of my good friends lives there and she is also my daughter's sister-in-law, so they stayed with her and had a great time. They all came home a lot darker than when the left cold Utah where they live.
    I loved your beautiful Spring tablescape the created from your shop treasures!!!
    sending hugs....

  10. Each year we travel to the Jersey shore and I comb the beaches for sea glass.The kids help and I get so excited to add to my small stash.Last year another lady was doing the same and gave me some of her discards.She gets to go so often she only takes green or blue.I'm grateful for any finds.Enjoy.

  11. I bet the Easter service on the beach was great.

    Love beach glass and I love how you added a few pieces in with your pretty shells.
    Thanks for sharing them at Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  12. Julie, I love sea glass! My parents and nephew are going to Hawaii in May. I'll have to ask them to keep their eyes peeled for some to send me! So glad you had a great trip.

  13. yay for you guys everyone deserves a vacay! i havent been to maui in 2 years!

  14. Love what you have done with the sea glass!!! I have a bunch of shells, and you have given me some ideas, so thanks Julie!!


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