Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet my Captain

You may, or may not know, that I have been wanting 
to come up with a blog name for my husband 
other than hubs, hubby, husband, Kevin, etc. 
None of those seemed right,
and he didn't care to be called hubs or hubby.
So, I've come up with an appropriate blog name . . . Captain,
and it is fitting since he is a Captain with the Fire Dept.

Let me take a few minutes and introduce you to My Captain.

He is committed to God and family

Father of the Bride, youngest daughter Whitney
Father of the Bride, oldest daughter Chelsey
Determined to help Tayvee draw her first Thanksgiving hand turkey
Sharing his job with our twin great-nieces

Henceforth in blogland, at Saltbox in the Country, Captain or My Captain
will refer to my wonderful, amazing husband, sweetheart and best friend, 
who has stuck by me through thick and thin for 33 years,
who knows what it means and believes in always and forever.

Thanks for stopping by today and
meeting My Captain.
Have a great week!

~ Julie


  1. Julie~ you are one lucky lady!
    God Bless!

  2. How sweet...Nice to meet your Captain!

  3. You are so lucky! He sounds so much like mine, but I call him Chief, because thats what my dad used to call him. He's not a chief but he is in the fire dept.
    Your captain looks so sweet with the little ones! 8>)

  4. Julie, he's so handsome and you both just look like you were meant for each other!

    Happy Monday!

  5. So nice to meet your captain. Great name. I am married to an ex captain of the fire dept here.

  6. Julie...your captain looks like a heck of a nice guy!!! I have a soft feeling in my heart for firefighters anyway, being a nurse we sometimes work closely with them.
    I see we both have daughters named Chelsea...yours spelled differently.
    Have a nice day with the Captain...Loved that name since I was young and loved Captain Kangaroo!!!

  7. Julie ... your post really touched me! Captain is AMAZING! Thank you for introducing him to us! xox to both of you!

  8. Hi Julie!
    I think Captain is a perfect blog name for the hubs (teehee).
    I really enjoyed reading this nice post~you are truly blessed to have such a nice husband. You make a lovely pair :)

  9. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for introducing us to your handsome Captain. Great name! I've got to think of one for mine now. You have a beautiful family (you are included!)
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Yea! You finally found a name for him! How did we ever get so lucky to find such great guys? We are both truly blessed, aren't we?

    (Yes, obviously I'm playing catch-up in Blogland again...) Have a great week!


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