Saturday, March 26, 2011

A glimpse of spring . . .

 Wishing you joy and hope today.

Spring will be here soon.
(God changes the times and the seasons ~ Daniel 2:21)

Today, we found these in the garden . . .  

Have a wonderful week!
Are any of your flowers blooming?

~ Julie

P.S. Has anyone had a garter snake inside the house?
Last night there was a live baby garter snake {about 9" long} 
 in the family room. I was so glad hubs was home.
Now I'm wondering . . . how did it get in the house.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    What beautiful flowers! I am ready for spring. And will be taking photos of my flowers too. (As soon as it stops raining!) Lol.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty of nature.

  2. Julie~ beautiful post.. and I do have some blooms, but I also have a Bernese Mt. Dog and Golden that keep tramping through them!
    heading over to etsy!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Your house and flowers are so pretty. I had a snake once. It scared me so bad I called my husband home. He was in a meeting and two men came with him. They laughed their heads off when they seen how small the snake was. But a snake is a snake to me. lol Hope you don't have any more!

  4. So looks beautiful and wonderful!!!

  5. Beautiful glad Spring is here! Hope you don't find any more snakes!!!

  6. I love your daffodils! Spring is here in full force. Right now, I'm looking at flowering dogwoods and azaleas in nearly every shade. I've been too busy to pick up my camera. That will be rectified tomorrow, I hope.

    And once my husband was standing there as a little tiny baby garter snake crawled under the kitchen door. He added more gasket or whatever stuff it's called and was planning never to tell me. My girls snitched.

    I was horrified!

  7. Hi Julie,

    I sure do hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    I haven't found a live snake in the house before, but I did find a LONG snakeskin in my attic last year. That was not a great feeling at all.

    Your flowers are so pretty. I do have a few things blooming but not much.

    Blessings to you my friend.

  8. Hi Julie ~ Your photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL BUT no, nothing is blooming here as we're still buried under snow. We're having unseasonally cold weather (figures)! Although I don't mind snakes, I would not appreciate one in my house ... YIKES! Who knows how these little critters find ways in.

  9. Julie,

    Your flowers look so beautiful in your manicured yard. Your gazebo is very charming-I would love to have something similar at Brambly. Take care.


    *Thank you for mentioning my giveaway in your sidebar!

  10. Hi Julie.....So glad to connect with you again, after all of these years! It's great to see your house and family. The girls all soo grown up......the years have just flown by! It sounds like you're enjoying being a "grandma" also!,
    I love the bright yellow daffodils around your are one of my passions in life, as I spend alot of time doing arrangements.
    Well, I hope to have my blog up and running sometime Ambyr is encouraging me. She writes three blogs.... Two fashion blogs as a part time job and one on her own (
    Blessings <3 Pam

  11. Hello Julie,
    Thanks so much for your kind comments at my blog! I love this rainbow pic & the flowers. We don't have much blooming here yet, and I think I would freak out about a snake, too. Yikes!
    - Susan

  12. Ahhh your daffodils are SO pretty! I can't wait til ours bloom! Their little heads are popping out of the ground it should be very soon!

    A garter snake in your house?! We have never, but we have a family of them that live right under our front porch, they love to bathe in the sun right on our front steps...I was wondering how to get rid of them! Or move them away from our house..

    ~ Happy Thursday! Stop over sometime if you get a chance! :)

  13. Beautiful daffodils & blooms on your trees! thanks for sharing this post at my Garden party! Cottage Flora Thursday's garden link will be up later this evening and so excited to see what you are sharing this week! xoox, tracie


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