Monday, June 28, 2010

Okay, time for a bunny update . . .

We have this large wild white bunny (it is big) with brown ears and nose. I don't know where she came from. She just came visiting this spring. Of course, this is a great place for her. We live in a neighborhood of 9 houses, all on 2.5 acre parcels. Lots of room to roam around; there is flat grass land, flower gardens, vegetable gardens and a forest in our neighbor's yard. What more could a bunny want?

I know, most people are trying to keep rabbits out of their garden, but I welcome her with a smile. How much can one bunny eat???

Most of the time, she's just eating the grass . . .

She doesn't mind being in wide open spaces. Does she know she is white? and stands out like a snowball in the middle of summer?

She seems to like lying in the soft dirt of the garden.

Bunny bath time by the blueberry plants.

Our neighbor's forest on the other side of the vegetable garden.
[Sorry, for the blurry pics; these were on 12x zoom to get a good enough pic.]

I hope she stays around. I enjoy her humble existence, roaming around, enjoying life, eating whatever she finds, lying in the dirt, soaking up the sun, hiding under trees, enjoying the shade and hopping through flower beds. Maybe we can learn from a bunny; slow down (hop, don't run), enjoy what we have, soak up the sun, appreciate our shelter, eat what we have, stop and smell the flowers.
Have a great day!
~ Julie


  1. Oh how sweet that bunny is!!! It almost looks like it was a tame one at one time!!! Good for you to want it around--I will be watching for some more photos of her!!!
    Hugs, Di

  2. "Your" bunny is so sweet. We have friends who plant a whole extra row of lettuce just for the bunnies who live on their very rural property. I haven't planted a garden this year, but was thinking of where to plant the "bunny lettuce" next year.
    Thanks for visiting,

  3. Oh Julie...this was such a wonderful post (: This rabbit reminds me of our rabbit growing up. Her name was pup-pup and she was house trained, roamed the house and our garden and was a joy to be around. I hope your little one (or should I say big one) stays around for a long time. She seems to be enjoying herself...yes, we can take a huge lesson from this lovely creature (:


  4. Awe...what a sweet bunny..I have a picture of our neighbors rabbit up on my blog.

  5. Hi Julie,
    What an adorable bunny!! I see them all over the place! Guess what? we are neighbors! I just read your profile & saw that you live in Brush Prairie and I live just south of Brush Prairie! My kids go to Laurin & Prairie High School. Small world huh?

    Your garden looks so beautiful....:)I'm so glad the weather has finally turned around!


  6. I love your analogy Julie. I think you are right about slowing down. There really are lessons in nature! Cheers, Susan :)

  7. Awww she's darling! It's nice that you don't mind having her around. We have a wild rabbit in our neighborhood and she/he does less damage than the chipmunks!


  8. This is such a WONDERFUL post!!! I LOVE it AND I LOVE your bunny! I think you should adopt her...I don't know if you saw my bunny post, maybe you would like to take a peek at it @
    I just LOVE "Bunnies"!!! and yes I let them nibble my gardens too!
    Hugs to you,


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