Friday, June 25, 2010

More from the garden . . .

Enjoying a beautiful, sunny day! The rains have stopped, and the gardens look lovely. Now I can work on our patio furniture. I'm making new covers for the wicker in the gazebo and our new vintage table set we purchased this spring. Looking forward to summer BBQs.

 Purple and white companula with beautiful bell flowers.

 White mock orange; snowy white and very fragrant!



  1. i always love me some lavender! perhaps we could transplant some? and perhaps some other flowers too and you could bring them when you visit next?! : )

  2. Wonderful pictures! It looks like you are into the summer swing of things. :)

  3. Your garden is absolutely beautiful! Yay! My garden consists of some pots with of which isn't doing so well :) Someday I'll get there! :)


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