Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today it is sunny and beautiful, and I'm off to work outside. The snowball bush is in full bloom; ready to turn white. I will post pics of it soon, along with our pink bleeding hearts, which are now pretty in pink. We have had an interesting bunny siting . . . a big white bunny with brown ears, which appears to be domestic, but not tame. I will post pics whenever I see him/her again and can get a pic. We also have a few new mole sitings (hills), which my husband has been trying to catch (if that's the right word). Moles are so adorable; I wish they didn't have to be a nuisance and could have their own place to dig until their heart's content, and then they wouldn't have to be destroyed (sorry other animal lovers). Our dirt is nice and tilled, but they also dig up my bulbs and plants :(.

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