Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My first post

Today, I start this blog.
I'm not exactly sure why; but maybe it will become more clear to me as it goes on.
Today it is pouring down rain; and I would really rather be working in my flower gardens.
With 2-1/2 acres, there is much to be done in the gardens. They are beautiful this time of year with lavender and pink ground phlox, white candy tuft and columbine which we transferred here from my great aunt Wilma's flower garden in Wallowa, Oregon, along with pretty lupines which are budding and will be blooming soon, not the wild purple ones (which we have also), but pretty shades of pink and a few yellow. We never know what we have until they are all blooming. My ongoing goal is to have gardens in full bloom all spring and summer. This is the time of year I love working the gardens, weeding and transferring the plants where I want them; not always where the new seedlings fall. I really don't like a plant growing inside of another. It really bugs me, and I must move one of them. Just yesterday our pink tree peony bloomed out; which I must bring inside before the rain destroys them. They are gigantic blooms, 11" across (just measured), with dark purple centers. Just gorgeous! I just hope they don't bother my husband's allergies; that is always a concern when I bring flowers in the house. The lilacs must stay outside and be enjoyed in their natural habitat. If the sun pops out, I will try to dash outside and get a few things done before another rain shower; that is my schedule these days.
p.s. I saw my first hummingbird today!


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