Tuesday, November 15, 2011

vintage sock stretchers

Last week I found these
vintage sock stretchers
at an antique sale
(are you really supposed to stretch your socks?).

I thought they would look nice 
just hanging as stocking decorations
for Christmas,
but when I got them home, 
I decided to dress them up with
some vintage lace and trims.

What do you think?

I listed a couple in my etsy shop, and
some will go to Junk Fest.

Happy White Wednesday.
Hope you are enjoying your week!


  1. Julie what an incredible clever idea! I haven' seen any sock stretchers in years (yes I am that old) but that is a much better use for them than the original intention!
    Tina xo

  2. Julie, I agree with Tina...VERY clever! *and cute*

  3. I had some of those once, maybe they are down in the Christmas storage room or maybe I sold them at one of my flea market set ups?

    I like them anyway

    lace is good on anything

  4. Those are just PERFECT for Christmas!! I have never seen a sock stretcher.

    Of course, the technical age for vintage is 50. So in just over a month, I'll be able to pull some socks over my big old calves and call myself a vintage sock stretcher! Yikes!


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