Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fresh picked pink roses

Still picking roses . . .

Sharing some fresh picked pink roses
on a silver tray
for Pink Saturday.

Thanks for sharing my pinks today.
Have a great week!

~ Julie

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  1. They're just beautiful...lucky you!!

  2. That is just amazing that you are still enjoying these beautiful pink roses! All our flowers have succumb to the frost... My giant sunflower is in the house so that the seeds can continue to mature!
    Enjoy a lovely, lovely weekend ~ Maria

  3. Oh wow. You grew these? Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  4. Julie, I love your pink roses and silver tray. I think I probably picked the last of our roses earlier this week... I hope all's well with you and yours!

  5. I'm absolutely PINK with jealousy!! Lucky you... :) My roses stopped blooming a while ago here in Minnesota, all I have now are the rosehips.

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous I thought it was a painting at first fabulous lighting
    Simply beautiful

  7. That is just beautiful, Julie! Lovely photos!

  8. Very lovely roses. Roses are so elegant and fragrant. I've tried to grow them, but I never have much luck with them. I think I may try again next year. Hope you had a wonderful Pink Saturday.
    Hugs, LisaKay
    Belles Roses

  9. I'm just getting around to this, and I think they are absolutely beautiful. They would love lovely on a table with my china. Wish I had some!


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