Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a frosty, foggy fall morning

Hi friends,
I hope you've been enjoying your fall.

We just returned from a week in New York
{moving our daughter and family there},
and I woke up to this beautiful,
cold, frosty morning . . .

 I was surprised to see our Maple tree already losing its leaves

an hour later . . . less frost, more fog

Enjoy the rest of October!

I'll be doing more posts this month . . . 
sharing some vintage finds from New York
and items I'm creating for the JUNK FEST 
Holiday Flea Market
in Forest Grove, Oregon
November 19.
If you're close enough to come,
it'll be a great place to do some Christmas
shopping and get some items for yourself,
in a gorgeous vintage setting.
It is a hotel if you need a place to stay.

~ Julie


  1. Upstate New York is lovely - spent some time up there and love the landscapes! Autumn is especially stunning!

    Looking forward to all your junk finds and re-purposing!!


  2. Oh goodness! That picture with the picket fence and the beautiful foliage is my favorite.

  3. OMGoodness, what stunning photos! WOW! Thank-you for sharing them with us.


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