Saturday, January 1, 2011


I really never win anything . . .
But this month has been exciting. I have won three wonderful giveaways; can you believe it? Neither can I :).

First . . . these beautiful handmade winter musical treasures from Alaina at Arbor House Lane

 I added an old silver candle holder under the tree, a few vintage ornaments and placed them on a tarnished silver tray with vintage buttons and had an instant Christmas vignette for our half table in the hall. 

A second giveaway win from Cindy at Cindy's Whimsical Musings, a wonderful blog friend I met a few months ago . . . 

A Victorian garland,
she also gave me one of her Victorian shoes,

and . . . 
I had been wanting one of her tussie mussies and
had her add this one from her etsy.

And, today (on my birthday!), I won a giveaway from Sabre' at Heirloom Gypsy, another beautiful new blog.  I'll post about it when I get it too!

Thank you so much ladies! You are all so sweet! 
Please go meet these wonderful, talented ladies.

With love and gratitude,

~ Julie


  1. What wonderful prizes! And how wonderful I can actually comment! This is the strangest thing! But funnY lol! Anyway back to the prizes! I tried to make one of those torn paper trees this year and mine looked awful, I actually threw it away! But I love your and the ornament, paper and button are so cute!
    Have a great Sunday1

  2. CLAP CLAP CLAP!!!!! First, Happy Birthday Julie! And how awesome that you've won all of these wonderful treasures! Missed you too, and I hope your holidays were wonderful:)

  3. So wonderful for you! You must be thrilled and it is so your style! They are gorgeous....


  4. Wow how wonderful was that! It is so great to win something from a talented artist!
    Happy Birthday also Julie and I hope you do something wonderful on this special day!
    Have lots of fun...
    Tina xo

  5. What fun things for the holidays...and your birthday too!! Congrats! You'll enjoy getting them out again next year like a new present! Happy Birthday and New Years, Julie!!!

  6. Congratulations Julie and Happy Birthday too!
    Your on a roll girl, what great wins!
    I love them all and the vignette is gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful day and celebrate your birthday!

  7. It is so fun to win and you won so wonderful things.

  8. Lucky-lucky girl... you should go buy a lottery ticket lol
    Happy new year :-)

  9. What fun, Julie! Isn't it fun to win giveaways??? Love that adorable tree! And these are perfect gifts for your birthday! Happy Birthday, girlie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  10. Yeah! Wonderful congratulations! Try to keep that streak going and stop by my blog and enter a giveaway. too. I enjoyed my visit toy your blog. hugs!


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