Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome to Vermont

Here's a little tour through the state of Vermont . . . . . beautiful farm country, fall foliage, old barns, and covered bridges.

Our first stop was lunch at the Simon Pearce Glass Factory Restaurant overlooking the Quechee River and waterfall with a view of a covered bridge. We ate in the sun room, and it was wonderful.

Of course, there is still beautiful old architecture,
but I won't bore you with too many :).
 This was a bed and breakfast next to the glass factory.

We went on a search for covered bridges in the area and found several. They were a fun find since we had never seen one before, much less drove through one. We were just being crazy tourists :).

Some old barns . . . 
"I stop for barns" became my phrase as we drove through the farmlands of Vermont.

Look closely at this one . . . What is that inside the fence???

We were shocked to see a ZEBRA! 

Thanks for visiting our trip through Vermont. Our next stop is the Victorian Inn Bed and Breakfast in Chester, Vermont.

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Thank you for reading and following!  I appreciate you and your comments!
I have been inspired by so many of you.
I'm putting together some wonderful Christmas treasures as my gift to you
 it's going to be a 

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It'll be all WHITE, and I'll show you everything on Thanksgiving!

Have a great week!

~ Julie


  1. I have had lunch at simon pearce a couple of times. It is so cool to to see them making glass. I forget how lovely covered bridges are even though we have one in town.

  2. I love old architecture, so please bore me!! Beautiful pics, and a zebra??? Go figure!

  3. Dear Julie, I am most interested to read about Vermont, about which I know very little. Certainly the architecture is very fine, but the covered bridges are most intriguing. Your lunch venue looks to be absolutely wonderful, virtually suspended in space above the river. Perfect!!

  4. Those bridges and barns are gorgeous. I've never been to Vermont, but it looks like I need to check it out.

  5. Just gorgeous, Julie! I love those old covered bridges... swoon!
    Have a wonderful week!
    ~ Jo :)

  6. Hi Julie ~ I think I may have mentioned before but as a child I travelled extensively to Vermont but have not been back for over 25 years! Your photos have my memories flooding back to me! What a beautiful State and your photos are so well thought-out! You've really captured the essence of Vermont as I remember it!
    Thanks for sharing ~ xox

  7. Hey Julie~I'm envious of the wonderful trip you're taking! Vermont is so very beautiful! I'm just in awe of those amazing barns, and there's something so romantic about covered bridges.... :) I'm so glad that you took us all along with you for the ride! Can hardly wait to see that B&B!

    xoxo laurie

  8. Hi Julie
    I would love to visit Vermont. It is on my travel list. The fall colors are amazing. And, thank you for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  9. Thanks for the mini vacation to Vermont! What beautiful scenery... Can't wait to hear more about your Vintage White Christmas giveaway. Sounds fun! Is this your first giveaway?


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