Monday, September 6, 2010

MEET SOMEONE NEW MONDAY ~ Cynthia @ Design Love

Welcome to Meet Someone New Monday ~ A new weekly blog post where you can meet someone new.  It's all about getting to know someone new and making a new friend!

Today I want you to meet Cynthia from Design Love. I came across her blog a few months ago and was amazed at what she and her husband have been doing in renovating their 130 year old farm house (I think I left a comment on almost every post).  Of course, I am always inspired by anyone living my dream and fixing up an old home.

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Cynthia lives in Ontario, Canada, and is a busy and talented lady. She is a nurse and has two beautiful daughters. She just started blogging in June and blogs about the things she loves. She designs and her husband builds it. What a great design team!

Check out their farm house in the city! Isn't it gorgeous? I love that architecture and porch.

Cindy's post about the front side . . .

"The porch needs a peak, In my opinion over the door with some nice 
details, and I really want to add trim around the front door. If you have 
any ideas, please let me know........ My front door is called Super Nova 
by Benjamin Moore and I just love it...Purple, eggplant color, so great 
against the orange brick!!!!"

Look at this garage that Cynthia designed and her husband built. Her husband is very talented too!

In August, they added this tree bench. Doesn't it look like it's been there forever?

Here's their new kitchen and some of her post . . .

"I LOVE the island, it's so big and I had to have the microwave in it, 
as I hate seeing them on counters, and over stoves. Works well for us!!"

"I really LOVE the country feel and keeping with the style of the 
house, so casual, but pretty! I have something special for above
the sink! Pics to follow......"

and their dining room. They added the fireplace. 

I can't wait to see the rest of their house! Please go visit Cindy's beautiful blog and say hi.

Hope you like Meet Someone New Monday! Each Monday I hope to introduce you to someone new. Isn't this a great way to meet people and take a peak into their lives from anywhere in the world? Who knows . . . maybe you'll be next. If I haven't met you, I look forward to meeting you.
Have a great week!

~ Julie


  1. Dear Julie, What a splendid idea to introduce a new, and in this case, very talented person. Her house is, as you say, full of interest and it is amazing to my eyes that so much of the work has been carried out by Cindy and her husband.

  2. Hi Julie: What a great feature and I love the blog you highlighted. Cindy has a lovely home and a very talented husband. I look forward to seeing future posts.

  3. Thanks for the intro.. wow what a wonderful job they are doing..boy it looks like hard work,,but it will be so worth it in the end..

    great post.. see ya again real soon

  4. Julie, I am honoured! Thank you so much! What a great idea you have....I can't wait to see who is next!!!
    Thanks everyone for your kind comments too!


  5. What a wonderful way to get to know someone! I'll say that Cindy has been blessed in many ways...

    I really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful designs... I love her kitchen and if my husband saw the garages... I know he'd love them!
    Have a wonderful September week!

  6. Julie, I finally found time to check out your new blog feature. It's great! I loved "meeting" Cindy and seeing her home. My husband and I are blessed with one of those "I design, he builds" relationships, too, so I KNOW how fortunate she is! Thanks for introducing us -- and I'll look forward to meeting more of your blogging friends in the weeks ahead.


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