Sunday, September 9, 2012

Antique Expo

It's been a busy summer . . . . . 
and not much time for blogging . . . . .
busy at work . . . . . and 
busy with vintage flea markets . . . . .

Hope you've had a great summer!

Here's some pics of our space at the
Palmer-Wirf Antique Show in Portland, Oregon.

We had a great time and sold lots!!

 loaded and ready to go . . .
sold most of these vintage umbrellas . . . . 
love them just stuck in a bucket :)
 some practice displays

sold all of our wood spindles

love this repurposed, broken ceramic doll, given a new life 
by attaching her to a decorative wood piece

Thanks for visiting!
Enjoy your last days of summer!

~ Julie


  1. I adore your old door/repurposed sign. So beautiful! Now I want an old door to make it into a chalkboard! WOW!

  2. LOVE IT ALL!!!!

    off to see more of your blog.


  3. Great stuff, Julie! I love LOVE that laundry basket! So glad you had good sales. Have a wonderful Fall!

  4. I love this. I would like to email you. I would love to get started on going to flea markets selling my items I make and other items found at thrift stores. I want a French shabby chic style. Wondered if you could give me any advice on getting it started. Thank you. Christine


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