Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vintage lace, roses and burlap

Hope you're all having a great week!

While I was getting everything ready to photo
for my Vintage Rose Giveaway,
I thought it would be nice
to include a gift bag.

 Remember the burlap bags I showed you here.
I added a panel cut from some rose fabric
I've had for a few years, 
and added vintage lace and trim.
The vintage crochet trims were probably 
made by The Captain's grandmother.
They had been cut from old garments 
and packed away in my bag of vintage lace.

I added some lace to the top
and tied the top with some of the torn 
roses fabric ribbon that I sell in my etsy shop.

it's a dual purpose bag!

It can also be used as a pillow case.
Just add a 10"x16" pillow form and voila. :)

This one will go to the winner
of my giveaway.
If you haven't signed up yet,
just click here and leave a comment.
It's open until June 27.

Love and roses,


  1. These a lovely! I think the use of different types of lace makes them particularly unique.

  2. It's absolutely beautiful! I think that would be the icing on the cake for the winner. Someone is going to be so lucky! Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Gosh this is incredibly pretty.
    Adore your style.

  4. Julie this little bag is so lovely. You love laces too I see. I just went to an estate sale last week and hit the greatest stash.
    I wanted to tell you how much your beautiful comment meant to me Thank you for blessing me.
    hugs from here...

  5. Hi Julie!
    I just love this bag! I had some of that floral fabric at one time, used it all up and wish I had more! I haven't seen it at JoAnns for some time. It's perfect with the burlap and lace. I've been meaning to respond to your comment from last week...My parent's property is in Washougal. We do intimate weddings of 50 guests and less. It's a lot of fun! I would love to hear more about your vintage sounds enchanting! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  6. I love the composition of the burlap and's gorgeous!

  7. Very cute! I love the burlap and what a cute pillow it makes.

  8. Hello Julie!

    What a lovely place you have here! I have so enjoyed perusing many of your posts. Every one is filled with such beautiful photos. This bag is an example of your creativity and talent.

    Very sweet photo of your family on your side bar :)

    Nice to meet you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  9. HURRAY! I am happy dancing!!! I FINALLY got blogger to let me comment AND I am now a FOLLOWER of your lovely blog...I am hoping you will FOLLOW ME TOO if you like!
    I am on my way to explore your etsy shop. I LOVE your style!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. What a lovely combination! Love it!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  11. That is too gorgeous for words. Love the total contrast in fabrics.
    HPS Michelle

  12. I commented on your other blog, but as to winning that is a long shot. Someone will be pleased tho.

  13. *Love the combo*...YAY I can comment now:)

  14. Gostei muito. I liked!!I live in Brasil... kiss!

  15. So absolutely charming- love this! Thank you for sharing this at FNF this week :)


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