Saturday, July 10, 2010

DIY: Antique table update

This week I tackled our coffee table in our family room.
The table was a craigslist find for only $20 {Portland, Oregon, has the best craigslist ~ We furnished Starting Grounds Church & Coffee House with antique furnishings almost entirely from craigslist}.

I wanted a round coffee table so it wouldn't take up too much space in the room, and I debated whether this table was big enough; but it was just too pretty to pass up. 


As soon as I saw that it had a removable board top, I knew I wanted to add an upholstered cushion, and I loved the pretty vintage style and painted accents around the edge.

With a removable tabletop board (covered with a fake looking leather), it was an easy upholstery project. {It might have had a glass insert before; I'm not sure. So, if you have a glass top table, this would be easy to do.}

While I was at Joann's getting more fabric for the outdoor wicker cushions and, since all of the decor fabric was half off . . .  I picked out the table fabric, got a 2" padded cushion . . .  came home, got out the staple gun and went to work.

About a half hour later . . .

The fabric is a moire plaid, which was a little too formal for our room, so I just used the back side which looks perfect. The fabric almost matches our door drapes, which I wanted, but is no longer available. This plaid has more yellow, which I like, and love it on the table.

How to do this project:

Trace around the top of your table on the foam cushion and cut.

Cut the fabric at least 3" larger  around the cushion.
Place the cushion and fabric on the board and staple to the back. If using plaid, you may need to line up the plaid so it is straight across. Staple one side and then the opposite side, pulling fabric tight.

Flip it over and make sure the fabric is straight. Add a few more staples on each side to secure and repeat on the opposite sides, pulling fabric tight.

Continue stapling around table top, overlapping and pulling fabric tight to keep it as flat as possible on the back side.


Fast and easy project.

Thanks for visiting! Hope you have fun with your upholstery projects!
~ Julie


  1. i did not know you were going to be doing this to this table!

  2. Love that fabric...I used it on pillows on my kitchen windowseat. Great minds!

  3. Plaids are my favorite. The table was a great find. I would have bought it too ♥
    Jane T.

  4. This is just too cute! Love the plaid too!

  5. Oh, this looks amazing! It's a pretty table but I love that pretty plaid you've put on!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. The table turned out so pretty!...Christine

  7. Great job on the table transformation! I am a true believer in paint and a staple gun, you just can't go wrong! Thank you for being my 200th follower! I will be posting my give away in the next day or two so check back. It's French and lovely:) Marcia

  8. It is just perfect. What a beautiful job, and what wonderful find. I am going to keep my eye out for one!!

  9. How perfect! I love it! Thanks for sharing.


  10. How charming is this? The table lines are so pretty, it was smart that you turned the fabric over, too. I'd love if you'd link this with Fabric Fun Thursday :).

  11. That is so pretty! I love the fabric and the accents on the edge are GORGEOUS!! Love it! AND, I'm totally jealous of your Great Craigslist. Ours is HORRIBLE!

  12. Just a great project you completed so quickly. I love the fabric. Love the table. Very nice work.
    Eileen / /http:// freshcutfabrics.blogspot

  13. Thank you all for visiting and leaving kind comments. I love this table; it is great for putting my feet up on a padded table :). I'm working on checking out all of your blogs too!
    ~ Julie


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