Monday, October 18, 2010

It's a Beautiful Monday Morning

Brrrrr . . . 
It's cold here this morning. 
Our first frost. 
The gazebo is covered with a sparkly white frosting.

I think I caught the morning blue in the sky {which I discovered from another blogger ~ that just before sunrise and sunset, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue}.


And the sunrise making the clouds a pretty pink.

Ice in the bird bath . . . 
Sorry, birdies, no bath until later.

Blogging has changed my life . . . 
. . . . . I'm a photographer?? I carry my new (slightly used from my daughter and son-in-law) Nikon D40 camera everywhere. I love capturing moments in time on film digital. I stroll through the gardens looking for each flower's moment of glory, clicking away. My hubby couldn't figure out why his work camera was taking so long to download . . . Oh, I borrowed it before I got the Nikon :) . . . only a few hundred pics. I'm learning not to use a flash indoors and discovering new ways to take pics; waiting for daylight and finding the best light in the house, photo cropping and editing.
. . . . . My daughter and I can share our favorite blogs and inspiration, and, of course, those giveaways {we really want to win that stay in France . . . next to a castle!}.  And now we also share a love of thrifting, although she's looking for clothes, and I'm looking for vintage treasures.
. . . . . I am constantly inspired by all of you talented women in blogland and how much you get accomplished {sometimes I am a procrastinator on projects}.  Over the past six months, I have reupholstered a table and several chair pads, wrote three tutorials, made chair slip covers and pillows, setup tablescapes, cleaned about a hundred vintage linens, made a sheet music wreath and fall wreaths, finished redecorating and organizing our mudroom, finished the wood trim in a bathroom, reorganized the kitchen, started an antique and vintage resale business, and this month, I'm opening an etsy store. 

Giving thanks to you who continue to share your ideas and talents, inspiring us to get things done, beautify our homes, enjoy our gardens, pray, read the Bible, cherish family and friends, and enjoy each day.

I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

~ Julie

Today I'm linking with Blue Monday


  1. Dear Julie, You are so right. The Blogosphere is full of interesting ideas and the most creative of people. There is always something to make one think or reflect upon and much that is fun and beautiful to look at. It all makes for a most interesting experience and you add to this too!!

  2. Hi Julie ~ I remember life before the internet, when we were being told "It is going to be the Information Highway! And now the discovery of Blogs! In my world, they have replaced all those overpriced decorating magazines. The people of Blogland are truly amazing, including yourself, and I am always being inspired. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Julie, I love your photographs. It is not freezing here at the moment, we have to be deep into Jan or Feb before we see icy mornings. But it's gone cold now, and a bit rainy. Your Gazebo is so pretty, we have one too, rather large stage looking thing. I have thought of having it painted white in the past but it's so much work.

  4. Wow! You say you're not as talented as bloggers, but then you list off an amazing list of accomplishments during the past six months... My head is spinning!

    I love your blues, BTW.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Julie!

  5. It must be so nice to have a daughter to share blogging with. My daughter has a blog , I hope some day we will do as you two do. Bloggers always need their camera. You never know when the prefect blog shot will happen.

  6. Wow...frost...brrr! It rained here last night and a bit's great! We always need rain! I agree with you about talented, but so are you...I love reading your posts!I bring my camera everywhere too now!

  7. Beautiful series of photos. It is fun to blog hop. There are so many interesting people and blog post.

  8. Great photos. I love the gazebo. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for coming by. Well first let me say (ok let me prattle for a moment:) I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to blogging, I always have my camera with me and I love the creative part as well. Second, wow, you are very busy and that list of what you've accomplished is amazing! I looked at the cushion tutorial and can't wait to do that along with all the other beautiful things you've done!
    Now in answer to your question (follow me on this:) I live in Beavercreek, Oregon and I actually found your blog a while back from my friend Elizabeth at "TOILE". Her mother, Lori and I are best friends and have known each other since before Elizabeth was born:)...Whew that was long winded! Anyway, I'm sorry to say, its taken me this long to sit down and say Hi!
    Talk about ten degrees of separation in life:)
    Terry B.
    PS your home is lovely and I loved the Dessert Rose tablescape:)

  10. Julie, treasures indeed!The images are gorgeous!!Adore the Gazebo

    I have a new Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  11. I could have written this myself. I agree so much. I see the world through much more observant eyes now.

    What a blessing!!


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